Songs for the NICU


Music has been something I've always depended on to match my mood, lift my spirits, amplify fun events or tap into my emotions. Little did I know that the playlist I created for the labor and delivery of my second child, Arlo would soon be retitled as the 'NICU Songs' playlist instead. 

I don't recall much of that scary day. I do, however, remember seeing that my birth plan was kept perfectly folded in my hospital bag while the room quickly filled more and more medical staff. This is when I knew things were out of my control and getting serious. I asked for my phone with my playlist in hopes of drowning out the chaos around me.  I focused solely on the music in my ear and the fact that I was going to do whatever I needed to do to keep my baby safe.  

Arlo's early delivery and emergency c-section was very traumatic.  I had very high fluids during pregnancy because  he was unable to swallow due to his esophageal atresia and TEF condition.  Any amniotic fluid that would typically be digested by him while in utero filled my belly instead.  His conditions were a surprise to us and this was just the beginning of his NICU journey.

Within the hour, Arlo was already headed in an ambulance to Children's Hospital. Several tests, procedures, and surgeries took place during our NICU stay. Lots of time was spent staring out the big window while he slept wondering what our next days (now years) would look like. The beeps within those four walls can be deafening.  Many times I would have to kiss Arlo goodnight and drive home without him. It's a helpless feeling you'll never know unless you've lived it. Somehow I found the most perfect song for each of these moments and the weight lifted off.


MUSIC was one constant comfort that we kept filling the room with. It blocked out the beeps. It hushed the complex medical conversations and it calmed our nerves. One song in particular played on repeat when we really needed the peace. Read about it on our previous post about ways to Make Your Story Meaningful. In this video below, you can hear one of my favorite Kaleo songs playing while Arlo had his very first taste of breastmilk.

Many emotions invade a mamas worried heart in the NICU. Fear. Sadness. Hope. Joy. Worry. Anxiety. Love. Patience. Loneliness. Strength. Over the weeks there and while at home missing him, I've fine tuned the 'NICU Playlist'. I can't wait to share it with you whether you're currently in the NICU with your little one or if you simply share in any of these emotions along your journey. My hope is that these songs reach you where your heart is and can help guide you in your healing and add comfort to your day.

Enjoy these NICU Songs on Spotify by clicking that link or by searching 'NICU Songs' and look for the Little Birch logo to know you've found the best one! For those that don't have Spotify (and I hope that's not the case), you can see the complete list here:

NICU Songs:

Fix You by Canyon City.Refuge

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by The Lumineers

House at Pooh Corner by Fred Mollin

Sinking Ship by Wild Child

Bloom- Bonus Track by The Paper Kites

Wash. by Bon Iver

Hold Your Head Up High by Darlingside

All The Pretty Girls By Kaleo

Fly- Acoustic by Meadowlark

Skinny Love by Bon Iver

All My Days by Alexi Murdoch

Rumpus Reprise by Karen O and the Kids

Brave by Feedom Fry

Wonderwall by Guitar Trivute Players

Waiting Around by Aisha Badru

Blackbird by Dieter Max

My Burden with Me by Mipso

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? by Acoustic Guitar Songs

Let It Go by James Bay

Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

Hear the Noise That Moves Soft and Low by James Vincent McMorrow

Lost Boy by Ruth B.






Emily Jasinowski