Storage Solutions

After a year of tube feeding supplies we've finally settled on a system that works for us- hopefully it will work for you as well! We really have several systems in place for all things Arlo. Each month, I'm sure you share in the excitement of supplies being delivered! Boxes of formula, pediasure, feeding bags, sryinges, extentions, etc. The cases of cans and supplies really pile up though and it can be overwhelming to feel like you're not getting hit with a tsumani of supplies each time you pen the cabinet. We store the majority of our supplies in our pantry. Find any large area for storage whether it's a basement, shelf, etc. From there, we pull out just what we need for the week. This is what's pictured above. Each Sunday we restock and have a simple small cabinet space for what we need each day of the week.

From there, we take items for small day trips like the emergency g tube kit , gauze pads, tape, a syringe, meds, and small water bottle for flushes. This summer I'll also be carrying lots of tegaderm around for sand or water play to cover his g tube site. More on that later!

Emily Jasinowski