Best Tool for Tasting!

We hit the jackpot of feeding tools over here! Arlo is mostly fed by g tube. However, he's able to have tastes of other food, some thickened purees, and dissolvable puffs or yogurt bites. He's also teething right now so he WANTS things in his mouth to ease the pain. He has fallen in love with the "pulp" feeder by boon. It's silicone so it's easily washable in the kitchen sink and feeds good on his gums when he chews on it. We have found lots of luck with frozen berries, mushy bananas, diced pears and peaches, butternut squash and sweet potato chunks, or even frozen yogurt cubes.  The handle is very kid friendly and he will walk around all day with this things having yummy tastes of our favorite foods while gaining the independence of his grip for a spoon someday!

Emily Jasinowski