Emergency G Tube Kit

Do yourself a favor and unpack the box that came with your g tube and make a smaller, travel size "emergency kit". I ended up using mine today, on a whim, when my little Arlo crawled so fast through the living room that his pump tube, extension, AND FULLY INFLATED BUTTON pulled right now. Luckily, I grabbed his emergency kit that I always keep near him (in his diaper bag) and had everything deflated, and reinserted within one minute. I've heard horror stories of families sticking a straw into the stoma as they speed to the ER. Did you know that the stoma begins to heal back closed after 15 mintues? The longer time period it takes for the button to be reinserted, the more difficult it is for it to fit back in. My tips for your kit include this:

Use a small case so that it's easy to bring with your tubie everywhere you go (think small tupperware or soap dish).

Find something that has a hard plastic material so that the button doesn't risk any punctures, therefore making it faulty.

Keep the kit in the diaper bag and bring it inside the house each time. Leaving it in the car could cause damage due to temperature changes.

Make sure the button is the correct, current size for your tubie. If you're lucky enough to avoid frequent tubie emergencies, it's easy to lose track of which size button is the right fit.

Give tylenol to your tubie after a "pull out emergency" especially if your tubie (like Arlo) pulled it out while it was inflated. Their poor tummy will be a bit sore!

Be sure to refill your kit (call your DME) so that you always have a replacement. 


Keep your tubie smiling!

Keep your tubie smiling!

Emily Jasinowski